Victoria Alexander

MA Fine Art, Portsmouth University, Portsmouth, UK
BEd, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Artist in Community Education
BA, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Fine Arts Major
AOCA, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ontario, Fine Arts/Printmaking

2017 St. Michael's School, Fitzroy Harbour, ON
Three week residency, art project involving the entire school, kindergarten to grade 8, students and staff

2017 Renfrew County Board of Education
Workshop on art practices and techniques for teachers


2014 Gallery Onetwentyeight, N.Y.C
2011 Gallery Onetwentyeight, N.Y.C.
2008/2009 Gallery Onetwentyeight, N.Y.C.
2007 Gallery Badger, Burnstown, ON
2004 Springtown ArtWorks, Springtown, ON
1992 The Studio, N.Y.C.
1990 Café Della Pace, N.Y.C.


- Gallery Onetwentyeight, N.Y.C
October -
Artist-in-Community Education Anniversary Exhibit, Queen's University, Kingston, ON

- Clothesline Benefit, ABC No Rio, LES Gallery at the Clemente, New York City, USA

- Rivington School, 80s New York Underground - Book Launch and Exhibition, Howl Gallery, New York City, USA
Art in Perpetuity Trust GIFT Show- guest artist, London, UK
- Art in Perpetuity Trust Open Studios - guest artist, London, UK
APT Open Weekend

t - L'amour Show, Atelier Gallery, Portsmouth, UK
August - EXODUS, Masters in Fine Art Thesis Exhibition, University of Portsmouth, The Historic Dockyards, Portsmouth, UK

Come Rain or Come Shine, Gallery Onetwentyeight, N.Y.C

- The Advent Show, Fine and Dandy Gallery, Toronto, ON
November - The NYC Gallery 128 Fridge Art Exhibition, Miami, Florida

- 25th Year Retrospective, Gallery Onetwentyeight, N.Y.C.

- Generations VI, Biennial Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.
June - We Marry Cars,
Gallery Onetwentyeight, N.Y.C.

November -
Your Documents Please, Alma in Manhattan, N.Y.C.
- The Studio, Queen’s University West Campus, Duncan MacArthur Hall, Kingston, ON

April - International Identification Document Exhibition, Gaeria Ajolote Arte Contemporaneo, Guadalajara, Mexico
February -
International Identification Document Exhibition, Galéria Z, Bratislava, Slovakia
January -
International Identification Document Exhibition, Galéria Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin, Germany

December - Global Community Shoe Project, Rotary House, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC
November - International Identification Document Exhibition, 2B Gallery, Budapest IX. Ráday u.47 Hungary
- Global Community Shoe Project, Blackberry Gallery, Port Moody Art Centre, Port Moody, BC

August - International Identification Document Exhibition,,Zaim, Yokohama, Japan
April - International Identification Document Exhibition, The Museum of Arts & Crafts-Itami, Hyogo, Japan
March - Global Community Shoe Project, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg
February - Generations VI, Biennial Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.
February - The Global Shoe Project, The Community Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
January - 22 Years on Marz, Tompkins Square Library Art Gallery, N.Y.C.

October - The Global Shoe Project, Intersection Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC
June - Wish You Were Here VI, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.

June - In Your Face, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
June - Wish You Were Here V, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.
March - 66 Women, 66 Works, Cekirdek Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

August - River of Dreams, Photography of the Bonnechere River and its environs, Passport to the Past Festival, Bonnechere Park, ON
June - Wish You Were Here IV, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.
May - A Village Affair, Burnstown Village Exhibition, Burnstown, ON
April - Mill of Kintail Fundraiser - artist participant, Almonte, ON

November - The ArtFix, Online gallery,

August - The Photo Show - Springtown ArtWorks, Springtown, ON
July - Wish You Were Here III, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.
uly - Open Studio, Springtown ArtWorks, Springtown, ON
May - A Village Affair, Burnstown Village Exhibition, Burnstown, ON

March - Generations IV, An Invitational Biennial Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.

June - Wish You Were Here II, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.

May - Wish You Were Here I, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.
April - GreenSpace Magazine Spring Art Exhibition, Perth, ON
February - Generations III, Biennial Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.

July - Marsbar Summer Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.

August - Summer Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.
February - Generations II, An Invitational Biennial Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.

July - Summer Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.

October - Generations I, An Invitational 25th Biennial Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C.
January - New Year's Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.

June - The Gallery, Cambridge, N.Y.

August - Survival and Denial, CB's 313, N.Y.C.
May and July - Marsbar, N.Y.C.

October - Beauty and Beast, Outerspace Gallery, N.Y.C.
August - International Contemporary Art Exhibit, Iida City Museum, Iida, Japan
June - Cork Gallery, Lincoln Centre, N.Y.C.
January - I Wanna Know What Love Is, Outerspace Gallery, N.Y.C.

December - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
November - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
October - International Contemporary Art Exhibit, Iida City Museum, Iida, Japan
September - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
June - Gallery 128, N.Y.C.
May - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
April - Low Tech or What, Marsbar, N.Y.C.
March - Down Blue Highway, Gallery 128, N.Y.C.
March - The Tri-annual Portrait Show, Ridge Street Gallery, N.Y.C.
February - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
January - The University of Guelph Fine Art Graduates, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario

November - The Christmas Show, Ledo Arts Association, N.Y.C.
November - Self-Portraits, Marsbar, N.Y.C.
September - Margo Howard-Howard Memorial Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.
September - Café Della Pace, N.Y.C.
August - The Beach Show, Outerspace Gallery, N.Y.C.
July - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
June - The Naked Male, Outerspace Gallery, N.Y.C.
April - The Mask Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.
March - Works From A Suitcase, Galerie Oke, Innsbruck, Austria, Curated by Kozuko Miyamoto
March - Neo-Fun, Limelight, N.Y.C., Curated by Ron English
February - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
January - Artifacts Art Salon, Miami, Florida

December - Works From A Suitcase, Pracownia Dziakanka, Warsaw, Poland, Curated by Kozuko Miyamoto
December - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
November - Rivington School Show, Emerging Collector, N.Y.C.
September - Mutations, Multimedia performance with Carter Kustera - presented as part of the Lotto As Metaphor show, Hallwalls, Buffalo, Curated by Robert Longo
September - The Beach Show, Outerspace Gallery, N.Y.C.
August - International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Artspace, Nishinomia, Japan and Osaka City Museum, Osaka, Japan
June - The Lower East Side Artists, Marsbar, N.Y.C.
April - The Naked Male, Outerspace Gallery, N.Y.C.
April - Marsbar, N.Y.C.
March - Salon West, Exhibition involving five galleries, Steve Bush
Exhibition Room, N.Y.C.
February - Arlene Schloss' Love Letter Show, A's Space, N.Y.C., Curated by Arlene Schloss
January - New Year's Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.

December - The Christmas Show, Marsbar, N.Y.C.
December - The Christmas Show, Public Image Gallery, N.Y.C.
September - The Contemporary Art Scene, The Emerging Collector, N.Y.C.
May - The Gambling Show, Public Image Gallery, N.Y.C.
March - Drawing; One To Six, Ledo Exhibition Space, N.Y.C.
February - Heaven and Hell, Public Image Gallery, N.Y.C.

October - New Works, New York, Gallery 76, Toronto, Ontario
September - Mussavi Art Center, N.Y.C.
June - Annual Scholarships Competition Exhibition, National Arts Club, N.Y.C., Recipient of the Richard L. Seyffert Memorial Award
May - Here and Now Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

August - Insights, Juried Show, Elora Mill, Elora, Ontario

January 2017 - Recipient of the 2017 Acker Award, New York City
The Acker Awards were named after Kathy Acker, performance artist,
punk poet, novelist, playwright with a strong reputation as a sex
positive feminist, who in her life and work exemplified risk taking and
uncompromising dedication that identifies the true pioneering artist.

The Award is given to artists, often under-looked, of all disciplines for
their groundbreaking, unconventional, cutting edge and community
oriented accomplishments.

October 1984 - Ontario Arts Council Grant
June 1984 - Richard L. Seyffert Memorial Award, National Arts Club, NYC

Ontario College of Art Print Collection
University of Guelph Print Collection
Private collections in The United States,
Canada, the UK, Germany and Japan.

The Guardian, December 2017, The art-punk firestorm of the Rivington School – in pictures. A new book documents the wild energy of the Rivington School, a collective of New Yorkers who carved an industrial niche out of the rapidly gentrifying 1980s art scene. Staff writer - 'Quoted' news–%C2%A0in-pictures
In addition to the article in the Guardian reviews of the book launch and publication were covered by ; Printed Matter - December 2016, Jocks and Nerds - December 2016, The Villager - December 2016, Crave Online - December 2016, Bowery Boogie - December 2016, and the International Times also in December of 2016

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