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Figure Drawings 2015/2016

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Drawings 2011, from the 'Power Series'

Towers in the Field

High Tension

Drawings 2008

'Leaving New York'
These drawings show the progression of the early morning light from just before dawn to early day, as the sun breaks over the horizon. The views are from the northbound Amtrak train after leaving Penn Station, as it moves north through the Bronx.
I find these views particularly compelling as the elevated tracks sail over houses, streets and construction sites. Isolated and speeding through the neighbourhoods, I try to imagine the the history of the city and it's growth from farmers' fields to vast acres of crampted space, and I imagine the thousands of lives contained within endless banks of apartment buildings.

Leaving New York 1

Leaving New York - detail

Leaving New York 2

Leaving New York 2 - detail

Leaving New York 3

Leaving New York 3 - detail

Leaving New York 4

Leaving New York 4 - detail

Older Drawings

Girl Reading
in the Garden

Kurt Ossenfort

Liz Eller

Saint Agnes

Saint Brigid

Saint Dorothy

Saint Hyacintha

Saint Irene

Manuel Delgado