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“I must see new things and investigate them. I want to taste dark water and see crackling trees and wild winds.” Egon Shiele

My work compels me to explore the significance of memory, images and experience, and their impact on my life. My use of materials is constantly growing and changing as I allow myself to explore materials and ideas as they come. I especially love to paint however I enjoy creativity in all its forms. I'm very interested in compulsive behaviours and how they relate to the creative process. I constantly explore and evaluate my process, and done some installation work related to this interest that you will find under the installation link at left.


Northern Pike

Dangerous Times - Wind
- April 2020

Dangerous Times - Nest
- April 2020

Dangerous Times - Peril
- May 2020

At the Drop-off
part of the Fish Camp Series

Spring Runoff - March 2020

We All Fall Down

part of the Fish Camp Series


Remembering You





Dance Lines

At the Fish Camp
part of the Fish Camp Series

Dark Roses

Late Fall in the Ottawa Valley

Break Out

Falling Down

Obscured View

Trinity Redux

Quiet Moment

Iris in the Field


Composition 1 - Frog

Composition 2 - Spider

Composition 3 - Bird


Rock Lake Road
Algonquin Park

Beside the Ottawa River

Madawaska River near Whitney

Galeairy Lake, Algonquin Park

Roadside in Winter

Blue Iris

Brown Iris

Purple Iris

Algonquin Country

Spring in Algonquin Park

White Iris

Portrait of Holly

Portrait of Sophie



On the Shore


Apples and Tomatoes

Madawaska 1

Action Ritualization

Love I

Love II

Love III

Looking Towards
Lands End

The Caves at Hella Point

Rock Formation
at Hella Point

Hella Point I

Hella Point II

Hella Point III

Evening on the Camber

Red Boat

The Jetty at Sennen Cove

South Parade Pier

At the War Memorial

St. Ives

View of Merrickville

Roses 2

Portrait of Stephen Fearing

In the River

October - In Memory of
John Baker

My Garden

Morning Light

Deep Pool

Morning Light - study

Drax Power Station

Old Homestead near
Golden Lake - study

In the Woods


Red Roses


Evening at the Camp

Early Spring on the Ottawa

White Flowers


Sand Point Lilacs

Gerbera I

Gerbera II

Michael's Flowers

Flowers for a Rainy


Algonquin Park,


Algonquin Park,
View from Otter Rock

Bell’s Corners

Summer Rain


Into the West

Drilling Rig 1

Drillinig Rig 2

Drilling Rig 3

This is a multi-media piece that I did for the Global Shoe Project. For more information please see

Approach to the Kingdom

Approach to the Kingdom

Hwy5 - Late Evening

Fly Away

Three Graces Miss the Bus


Divided Highway


Driving Home